Wednesday, August 10, 2016

second the motion

Never, well hardly ever, do I post twice in one day, but the weather and the activity on the Bay is too much to give it a miss. 

Just west of 7H porch a tug was standing by early, then a second tug in the background, signaling the imminent arrival of a large ship. The tug edged over out of the way of a Navy craft that headed out for another victory at sea, but then returned to port within minutes

Shortly a ghost ship entered the Pass, heavily shaded by rain,

then just off 7H as tugs stood by

She's 584 x 94, COMBAC ship Sunshine arriving with steel plate from Brake, Germany. Visiting the port online
and seeing no umlaut I'll pronounce BRAH-kuh with a short "a". Another ship Sunshine, same size, different owner, is due in here Friday to load wood-pellets for Liverpool.

All quiet now except this WP piece by Garrison Keillor, who years ago hosted my favorite weekly radio show, whose books I owned and enjoyed. 

Found this piece also interesting 

And this from FoxNews Why the candidate continues to feed the opposition and keep his own party and supporters constantly appalled and on the defensive beats the hell out of me. The way he's running the campaign, it seems clear who he's supporting and it isn't TP. Fox in the chicken-coop. Somebody needs to take a copy of his wedding guest list and make him take a polygraph on who he truly plans to vote for. I have a feeling we're actually watching a TV sitcom.

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