Monday, August 8, 2016

not Monday again

As in “So d’you think we’ll have rain?” again today and apparently all week, lightning off to the west and over the Gulf of Mexico. Too far for thunder and, though the wet porch railing evidences heavy overnight rain, unlikely to deter Monday morning’s walk. Therefore 0700 walk, 0815 six-monthly primary care visit, 0930 staff meeting at church. 

The weather seems to be coming down from north west, as clear last evening but lightning out the Beck windows at bedtime, then wakened by bright flashes and thunder an hour or two later.

Well, this has surely turned out a most fascinating blogpost, eh? Life of a retired octogenarian: coffee, heart pills, and Elixir of the Damned.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding, all the same, and anyhow, Life Is Good and it’s nice to feel someone cares about at this stage of mucking along.

Who rose to read this: go back to sleep.

Late: two tugs standing off, larger ship rounding the hairpin obscured by pouring rain, Linda and I walked in the underground garage below --

BBC Citrine arriving. Bridge superstructure in the bow. One tug came out into the channel to pick her up, must be the captain's first time in here.


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