Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tuesday into Wednesday

Lovely outlook on fairly clear mornings, as this. About five o’clock, Orion in the eastern sky, and south of Orion low in the east, a geostationary satellite that we spot often evenings, and there this morning. Not to mention the moon moving to set in the west if it doesn’t fall into the Gulf just offshore from Thomas Drive. That could cause a high tide.

Fuzzy moon shot, but below a more interesting one because my hand moved:

Yesterday on the vessel schedule, Linda caught Pac Suhail 591x90 arriving from Baltimore to offload reels, a tug poised to pick her up in the channel headed north toward the Port; at the upper right, a pelican rushed to get into the picture.

A crackling afternoon thunderstorm flashed, boomed, and rained heavily off in East Bay,

moved on over Tyndall, arriving in StAndrewsBay, looked to be pouring at EBeachDr and Cherry Street, then downtown, and gave us a cool, damp breeze, otherwise not a drop, drenching Shell Island and dissipated as Suhail sailed close by 7H 

and then out to sea, a short turnaround call.

and Wednesday morning begins between Redfish Point and Davis Point, and on to Shell Island.

Eat your heart out, rest of the world.

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