Sunday, August 14, 2016


They are having the castle painted, this building, “they” the management. Place always looks nice, building and grounds beautifully kept, never allowed to go shabby. Seems to me it was painted at least once in the years after new construction and while we still lived in the house down the shoreline. I like that the maintenance is not our business, not my problem. 

For the current painting, there’s been a bunch of prep work done at least on floors eight and seven and out above the roof on the steeple that houses the clock with chimes. Even yesterday, Saturday, the painters were on site. One thing’s for sure, one thing’s for dang sure: I never want to live in a house again: roof, plumbing, paint, electrical, hurricanes, falling trees, porch screens, garden to tend, lawn to mow, homeowners insurance, wariness about night sounds …

It’s Sunday afternoon, Sunday afternoon nap is over, couple hours nap and takes a while to get back in gear. We’re sitting outside on 7H porch, beautiful blue Bay, sailboats out, and motorboats zipping back and forth, quite a few boats over at Shell Island, folks having a lovely summer afternoon this last weekend before school starts, clear blue sky ringed with white clouds. In a couple months, by this time of day it will be clear that darkness will soon set in, but still summer here, summer Sunday, summer sun.

Today in church: our most fun event of the year, Backpack Sunday, dozens of children and their backpacks being sanctified for the start of school this week. I snapped a few pictures but was up front, so too many backs of heads to put them up here. During the Eucharistic Prayer there were so many kids in the chancel/sanctuary area (behind the communion rail) that there was some fun and interesting too-closeness and unholy pushing among very small boys. Suffer the children to come unto me: the Episcopal God is neither stodgy nor bound by rules. Who loves children: Holy Nativity is for you.

And the sermon. He got me, nailed me dead to rights. Either/Or and I'm not the fastest runner in the world Either, which leaves me hanging out here as Or. Neither was I ordained to explore and rubbish my own theology, but to preach Christ in His church. Not to say repenting, I've got a lot of thinking to do and, as Robert Frost says, promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

Swarm of seagulls at water level just off 7H, harvesting a feast from schools of minnows near the surface.

It’s a beautiful day, and Life Is Good.


Took the pano w/Linda’s iPhone, seems not as clear as my newer model. I snapped it because of the rainbow. TW+

And yes, I posted "Clouded" early this morning, but not fit to link on FB, so here. 

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