Saturday, August 20, 2016



Silence, when studying, reading, writing, trying to concentrate, focus, compose, dream, I want silence, absolute silence, and don’t startle me out of it. Silence. Just ‘ve never been able to get it with those who like music running in the background. But I’m going to learn, at least as part of trying to train and exercise a different part of my brain. Thus, online this morning with Brahms, nope, takes me to a place and time. A favorite priest writer likes Bach, Mozart, nope, won’t stay in the background, pushes to the front. Songs, music from my life, nope, takes me down, way, way down. Pachelbel, Canon in D, nope, same as with Brahms. At the moment trying Body Mind Zone, “3 Hour Focus Concentrate: Study Music, Focus Music, Alpha Binaural Waves” on YouTube, and may have found it.

With green running as a meditational meadow, I’m reading a book by Walter Wink, thinking that spring 2017, when I may again offer a Bible Seminar, I want an approach different to the modern criticism style and technique learned in seminary. Maybe try month-long segments of Wink in Epiphany, Lent, Easter next year, God willing, not to mention Wishing Me Long Years to ward off the Evil Eye in +Time+

Just thinkin’ on it to sip of Kona, square of Schokolade, and wanderingly peaceful green music without distracting melody.

Top: while I was away in the meadow, a friend sent “God Does Live Here" from PB407.

And as I finish, Saturday morning from 7H:

DThos+ Saturday at 7H

Pic: PB407

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