Tuesday, August 2, 2016


From time to time over the years I wanted, needed, waited for, sought, asked, and prayed for "a sign." From heaven, that is. A sign to guide me. Or at least point me in the right direction. And I’ve received them, gotten them now and again. Not to go back into excruciating detail, but in 1984 I was badly in need of a hint of the divine will for me. Like the usual cuckoo, I turned on the car radio hoping to hear a sign in something that was said or sung, and in fact did hear. I flipped open Bible pages and, eyes closed, pointed my finger to a verse, but that one wasn't especially efficacious, as in no sign shall be given to this generation. It isn’t really part of my shaky personal theology that the deity plays my goofy games, but I found that He did play in spite of me. Helpfully. Nutty as a fruitcake, but nevertheless and anyhow, here I am.

A friend texted a picture last evening. Call it SonnenuntergangKreuz, let the reader understand. 

The picture is beyond extraordinary. Play what homonym or homophone games one will, there’s a cross on the sun. Or a sun at the cross. Were I seeking a sign [but I'm not] this would be it. As in σημεῖον this was a sign, it could be. If I'm the interpreter, how shall I render it? Don’t misread it, for it’s not a sign one’s wish is blest, sanctified. Quite other, the sun is not on the cross, the cross is on the sun, the sun pushing a cross upon the reader who understands, it’s a sign that regardless of one’s heart, one must lay one’s burden at the cross and do the right thing; a sign one is to sacrifice self even at the cost of self ὁ ἀναγινώσκων νοείτω: the sun is not on the cross, the sun is behind the cross, bestowing the cross. May it be so. SonnenuntergangKreuz.

Last evening Linda and I had our glass of wine on 7H porch, as we do some sunsets. Hers a sweet reisling, mine red but in error I opened a bottle of chardonnay, so dry white. In the Bay there was a surface disturbance of some sort that kept drifting off toward the east. Not a school of minnows or that, but we couldn’t tell. Elsewhere, Linda saw a porpoise, a bottle-nose dolphin roll near a small boat that was motoring toward a house down the shoreline. Pelicans headed home to roost, as they do. And seagulls. Then a lovely sunset, not the west but south and east illuminating, sun burnishing clouds. I went inside and got my iPhone and snapped a pic. 

Then another. 

Suddenly a rainbow clarified and I snapped. 

Then another rainbow, the first reflecting dimly in the Bay at our feet and stretching across to the TAFB property across StAndrewsBay at Davis Point.

This is where I live and love. My blog isn’t a photo spot and I’m no photographer and this morning’s blogpost is no photo shoot, but I’m printing three or four from last evening. Maybe like SonnenuntergangKreuz they’ll be a sign for someone.

Let the reader understand.


and thank you, 407

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