Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thanks, Jeff!!

Seldom to never is my morning blogpost drafted directly on the site; always I use a blank Pages sheet marked "Untitled." (off the main path into the brambles: it's the American absurdity to put a period inside the quotation marks unless there's a question mark (("?)) or exclamation point (("!)) or ... see ridiculous rules of punctuation). 

Just so, this morning I was working up a blogpost with pictures of downtown Panama City, Harrison Avenue, in the 1920s, 1930s, &c, when a Model T Ford pic arrived from Jeff that, like the BCP rubrics regarding what "takes precedence of a Sunday," (briars: there we go again), turned it all upside down. 

No expert on either Model T or Model A and Model B year identification, I don't know what year it is except it's not a brass era car (late tens, early teens), and because it has wooden spokes not wire wheels, I don't see a 1927. I'll come back to research later though. 

OMG, this car is a honey. Restored, but if the yellow paint is the original color (a friend at BayHi my senior year had a light green 1927 Model T fordor ((Ford's word, tudor or fordor)) sedan), that would be a factor in year model ID, but I'd have to check color chips against Henry Ford's famous saying "any color as long as it's black."

Also, the little round windshield will be a telling factor, and the solid wood dashboard as well. Off the bat, it looks immediately post brass-era to me, but truthfully IDK for sure.

So this is Thursday's blogpost. Generally, I move the image down to Photos and crop out anything unrelated to the car itself, but the second photo, from the right rear, and the third photo, of the back of the car, has a Glenn Hess campaign sign in the background and I'm not cropping that out, because he's my man, in my observation the full range of the Scout promise applies to him and, like my total confidence in the Bay County Sheriff's Office just as it is, as long as Judge Hess is in office, my confidence in the State Attorney's office is total and unreserved -- a far, far cry from his predecessor in that office.

Furthermore, on television last evening, I don't remember the candidate's name, an opponent also running for State Attorney ran an ad in which a pack of crazies brandish and shake rifles like a bunch of angry terrorists, all they needed was black hoods. I'm sure as hell not going there on election day.

I love the Model T Ford, and I'm voting for Glenn Hess.

Not to mention, he was the judge who signed our charter to incorporate Holy Nativity Episcopal School that early morning years ago.


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