Thursday, April 6, 2017

don't tempt me

Thursday. Barely, but Thursday. How can I tell when I’m feeling close to 100% then. One way is waking up well before three o’clock in the morning knowing I’ve had enough sleep, as this morning, staying in bed a bit longer anyway just because it feels so nice and cool for the head, warm for the body, and cool for the feet; and finally, because thoughts are stirring the brain, getting up and making coffee, or as this morning, a cup of the PGTips tea Linda keeps here for Jeremy. Teaspoon of Tupelo honey, slop of milk. In my Chair by Sea looking out on total blackness sprinkled with white lights, flashing red and green channel markers. All of which is to say, the stomach bug seems gone; but wary anyway lest eager tastebuds wreck the digestive: there is a bit of gumbo and a bit of cioppino available for breakfast, stirring salivation; tempted but save that for dinner, which we have between two and three o’clock after noon. Bit of cornbread.

Now I’m eighty-one and can define weekend as I dwp, at the moment it dwpleases me to define weekend as Thursday through Sunday. Help plan a funeral. Walk & breakfast. Wedding rehearsal and dinner. Wedding. Palm Sunday. Sunday afternoon clergy nap. Some morning naps in between times. 

Whatever happened to the violent weather so anticipated for yesterday that Bay schools were closed? It passed north of us. On radar, I watched the last of it slip out of the Gulf between Pensacola and here, as it often does. Its worst wreaked havoc from Alabama and Georgia north, Carolinas, what we got here on StAndrewsBay was a close, overcast, gray warm humid Wednesday. So, what am I wanting for today? Peace. A bit of peace.

Cramers are touting a 1964 Chevy Nova sedan that looks pristine. I remember those well, we were living in Japan at the time. Besides the sedan they offered a coupe, a hardtop coupe, a convertible, a station wagon. Do I want that car? Not really, but

they have an older, low-mileage Corvette that, if Linda were off at a church conference, I’d buy, and die in the nuclear fallout later.

DThos+ awake & alive in +Time+

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