Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm good

Changing by the instant, pink-tinged gray clouds, 65% humidity, 69 degrees, and the most wonderful soft, cool, salty breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico, an exquisite Florida morning at 7H. Barely a ripple on the Bay surface as it washes up below, slapping the shore. Glad am I that I was born and grew up here, otherwise I might never have known where to come for the rest of my life. As close to heaven as I’ll ever need, don’t look for me. This is why, in The Great Divorce, there was no place for the photographer in heaven: ongoingly too magnificent to capture on film.  

Gulls flying by, no pelicans or ospreys yet. Black coffee and four small bite-size chunks of the last of Easter ham. The grain of saltiness has an oblique sweetness that’s a welcome surprise in this morning’s square of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. Today: maybe Tyndall, haircut, Wednesday, two commitments to keep. 

Last evening I sat on the edge of the bed and watched Linda’s program, a travel visit to Croatia, coast and inland, medieval towns. Where might I go before it’s too late? Well, eighteen. 


C S Lewis, The Great Divorce 

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