Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday in Holy Week

No sophisticated user, when the online notification says a word processor update is available, I’m wary, because in my years of using it, there's yet to be an improvement, the updates always make it not easier but confusing unto start from scratch, why do they do that? And it’s no good ignoring because like Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door, the notification keeps knocking until I say oh what the hell, and let it download. 

Beautiful moon last evening, first beyond the clergy parking sign as I left BayMed after a hospital call, then over downtown Panama City from 7H when I arrived home a few minutes later. Pink, the moon was supposed to have a pink tint? I didn’t see pink, who saw pink? And yes, that's my green light off to the right - -

Wednesday in Holy Week, preaching a funeral this morning, stations of the cross this evening. What’s all this religion and religious observance about and for anyway, is it because, unlike other innocent animals who did not bite on the temptation “don’t touch that tree lest you Know,” humans now had to explain things we couldn’t understand, or is it really a longing “sense of the infinite” as Schleiermacher posited. Not rhetorical either, I really don’t know. And what about נָחָשׁ the serpent, how did he (masculine noun) know unless he had already eaten. How did נָחָשׁ become crafty, shrewd, sensible? Answer: נָחָשׁ sampled the fruit before tempting us. He speaks of God: is נָחָשׁ religious? Why did נָחָשׁ choose us earthlings to tempt? But would we prefer to have been left innocent in the beginning, with נָחָשׁ emerging from the Everglades to hunt us instead? 

As I say, it’s Wednesday in Holy Week.

DThos+ knowing nothing

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