Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

Some days Sunday morning starts with a bang, some days with an OMG it’s late and I’m preaching, some days it starts with a slow, early sunrise. This day, Sunday starts with the almost full moon setting over StAndrewsBay as it sinks into the Gulf of Mexico just off Panama City Beach. Two pics: a straight shot across the Bay from PB407; the other, leaning out over the porch railing and peeking round the building, about two miles closer to the moon as the crow would fly if he flew to the moon, from 7H. 

A lovely Palm Sunday morning, 51° 86% and quite still, a perfect spring promise in April 2017. Welcome to day, year, and life. Our two worship services will be nearly identical except ten-thirty will begin with a gaggle of kiddos singing. I wouldn’t take anything for the fact in my history that, although I was taken aback that morning 62 years ago, the bishop asked my family and Linda’s family to be part of the group that formed Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. She was eighteen at the time, I was nineteen, the day this church began to capture my heart. It’s just right. Come and see!

We had a lovely wedding at Bay Point Sheraton last evening, in a spot where I’ve officiated several weddings in the past. The facility hosts nicely. May the wedding couple love and live long years.

Time moves on, even on a peaceful Sunday morning. May this day, and all your days, bring blessings abundant.

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breakfast: square of chocolate pudding on crispy crust, piled with whipped cream, black coffee

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