Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday and counting

Slept late and awoke to a busy Saturday morning on StAndrewsBay, 0604, Linea Line’s container ship Sandwig 435x70 arriving from Progreso and passing 7H heading for Port in the pink sunrise just as a tug heads east and five Mercury Marine boats speed by. At least, I think they were the yellow test boats from Mercury’s Watson Bayou facility, still too dark to see their color. Currently several osprey circling high as they eye for mullet breakfast.

To check and ID vessels in the area

With apologies, the Mercury Marine boats always without exception remind me, as said here before, of Helen Kiekhaefer, daughter of industrialist and Mercury founder Carl Kiekhaefer, and lead to online search. Blond bombshell, college beauty queen, sports enthusiast and sometime movie personality, Helen was at the University of Florida 1952-56 during my time there 1953-57, dating a football player who was a Sigma Chi brother of my roommate Gene Smith. I remember Helen because when she had been at the Sigma Chi house, Gene inevitably returned to our dorm room effusing male admiration. Do I need to post another picture of Helen here? there are dozens or hundreds online. So, I wander browsing: internet names her as Helen Kiekhaefer Wimberly (1934-2012) but married to Robert Burford (1934-2004) but moving to Virginia to make a home for herself and adopted son but no mention of Wimberly or further mention of Burford. What happened? What a gossipmonger is Bubba this lovely spring morning. I reckon the yellow boats will stir my UF memories and my idle curiosity every damn time they zip by 7H. 

What was I going to tippy type about for a blogpost today? Well, frankly about tomorrow’s reading from the Gospel according to John, the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb (Lazarus, come out!!!); and the story's possible, to me likely, tie to the young man whom Jesus raises from the grave in Secret Mark, which, wandering down that trail, explains both a gap (the visit to Jericho at Mark 10:46) and the later oddly lacking antecedent mention of a woman’s name (Salome at Mark 15:40, 16:1) in canonical Mark. But nevermind, maybe I’ll go there during Sunday School tomorrow morning.

Or maybe not, no promises.

Many small boats out in the channel at the pass this morning, fishing for what?


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