Friday, April 14, 2017


“A violent and surprising week” CNN calls it. Because it hadn’t come for weeks or months, I’d forgotten about their early morning email “5 things for your new day” that used to show up daily in my box. Who doesn’t like CNN, it doesn’t matter, I also receive “The Atlantic Politics” and a daily email “The New Yorker” and various other limited-free dailies online. And for news I read foxnews before going on to other online news channels, so, see, no prejudice or preferential treatment. 

A news line on the CNN reads, 
Scorpion stings passenger on United flight 
which leads me to wonder just what all United will do. Next the flight crew will carry a cage of tarantulas up and down the aisle and drop one in the lap of any passenger who refuses to leave voluntarily. Okay, I’m gone: I’d rather be beat bloody and dragged screaming down the aisle than have a scorpion or tarantula dropped on me. 

But this week has been, and continues violent, today the Christian observance Good Friday. At church, noon traditionally, we read the Passion Gospel that's the long, horrific John 18:1 - 19:42 and then my turn to preach, a short homilette that I'll post here with a link back to it on Facebook. And then, my custom for this one afternoon of the year, watch the horrendous flick The Passion of the Christ. 

First, though, finish coffee and last little triangle of Tabasco Spicy Chocolate (always a little can here even if I have to buy it myself but so far I haven’t), then dress and meet Robert for our walk.


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