Tuesday, April 4, 2017


What is there? A repetitive haunting dream to research online for a couple hours, time wasted, I knew all that, and it will just return anyway, in its time, the neurons are not my friends. A tug in the haze that, steaming out, toward nothing because there’s no ship in the harbor to meet nor ship arriving through the Pass, soon steams back, but now is this side of the red channel marker. Her skipper knows what he’s doing, though, she doesn’t run aground. 

Tuesday, it’s Tuesday, today is Tuesday, whoever Tue might be. Sun I’ve got, and Moon. Woden I’ve got, and Thor. But Tue I’ll have to look up and not worth the bother. Early in life, Friday was a favorite as in TGIF, and GDIM despised. But as from start of the second forty years, Monday was favored, after July 1993, my day off. Beginning my fifth score, Monday is no longer sleep in a bit, but rise early, walk, meet, &c; so favorite moves to Tuesday, whoever Tue may be. Today, this Tue, is special favorite as my favorite non-Sunday church event of the month is this evening: friends, wine, salad, dinner, dessert, and a fascinating program. I think tonight we’re going to Moscow. 

In heavy haze, Star Loen 670x106 arriving far channel, making for East Terminal to load wood pulp. She's obviously arriving empty, eh?

At any rate, Tue’s day.

DThos+ in +Time+

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