Friday, April 28, 2017


Not that I have a football team, don’t follow professional sports, although Cleveland everything moved into my heart after my 2011 visit to Cleveland Clinic. While there I adopted the Cleveland Indians and still get all their news and offers, and checking Bleacher Report this morning I’m glad to see the Cleveland Browns drafted Myles Garrett after the Johnny Manziel debacle, which at least got him out of the SEC. Wishing the Browns a hundred twenty years.

College only, my favorite football teams are the Gators and the Wolverines and whoever is playing Ohio State and FSU but as a Jim Harbaugh enthusiast I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Looking at weather instead, decent morning for a walk and if presidential elections can beat long odds, check out worst case scenario for cataclysmic ice sheet melt in Time . I moved TWC’s cataclysmic scenario map mile by mile down the east coast from Boston to Jacksonville and across to Panama City, and it looks like now’s a good time to be here, as in 2117 I may not be able to park my cars in the garage here at Harbour Village. 

1978 through 1984 I was in Cleveland on business, often driving there from home in Pennsylvania several times a month, during my interim life in the international defense industry. Interim that is between Navy and Church, including throughout my seminary years. How was it? Interesting, exciting, fun, lots of travel, made me feel useful, helpful. Would I go back? Irrelevant, eh?


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