Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday the 13th less six

In predawn dark the Bay looks clear but for one lighted movement that may be a shrimpboat. Clear on the Beck side, if still a breeze though not as stiff as yesterday. We have complications today: this lovely place is beautifully maintained and that is currently much so around its ten year anniversary when a great deal of refreshing is being done. The walkway project is underway, its painting was completed some months ago, last week the sidewalk pressure washers went through; we are notified that sidewalk resealing is to be started outside our door at nine o’clock this morning, at which time the walkway between elevators and front door will not be usable for several variable hours. Generally this would be fine as both of us are happy to be confined to 7H throughout eternity; but at the moment we are dealing with unusual coming and going because of a wedding weekend. Life would be doubly complicated by moving to a motel or a friend’s house today, so we may take refuge in the church office building where I have private space and there are bathrooms; but at this age that seems more inconvenient than adventurous. See, I am becoming / have become, a crotchety old man. 

Lusting along, I’m just thankful that Corvette is a coupe and not a convertible, that’s all. It's only a 350 V8, and AT, but low mileage for the year and fair asking for a Vette. I wonder if those are removable roof panels that easily lift out. GoodGoshAmighty. There she goes.

We are at the leading edge of Holy Week, which opens with the Liturgy of the Palms on Palm Sunday, the Sunday of the Passion, which morning begins with joyful exultation and is all downhill from there as it concludes with a thud. It all may seem to culminate on Good Friday, but that’s not it at all: the climax is Easter Day. Along with the compressed time between Advent Four and Christmas, Holy Week is our annual busiest and most major work week for church staff and clergy, but we always make it and Easter Week brings a long, grateful nap. So that’s where we’re headed. There are plenty of spiritual and religious sites online, including here within the Episcopal Church, so I’ll be going there if I need and want that; but it may not flow over into this the province of DThos+.

War? I’m watching he who knows not and knows not he knows not launch yet another unsustainable and unthought-out simultaneous war for which the aftermath is foreseeably uncontrollable chaos. First hoping this does not lead to Alas, Babylon, my second thought is nevertheless that if this sort of morally outraged humanitarian intervention had been done to Germany by powers of human decency in the 1930s, the Holocaust and WW2 might largely have been prevented. Times and circumstances are vastly different now, but at least I am thankful that retired generals in whom I have high confidence are in key advisory and executive positions. Nevertheless and like it or lump it, idgara who doesn’t like the cartoon, pinched online. 


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