Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Did not post a Wednesday blog because all night and this morning I’ve had a “stomach bug” whatever that is, which, for anyone who’s ever been there, brings queasiness, stomach cramps, and all else that suits it to torment its victim. Nourishment today: one glass Coca~Cola with ice, slowly sipped. Pepto-Bismol, dizzy, slept all morning. Still enjoying cramps, but sitting up long enough for the dancing fingers to trip their light fantastic.

Downside: unable to tend to pastoral responsibilities this morning. 

Meantime, Linda is preparing a seafood cioppino for soup supper at church tonight: a stew of shrimp, fish, crabmeat.

What I missed during the night: violent electrical storm offshore, and a large ship slipping out the pass in the midst of it all.

DThos+ out

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