Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Update

What’s it like out? Warm and overcast, but a good breeze up here while we wait for sunrise. Sound of water lapping ashore seven stories down could put me back to sleep. Bay is flat, not glassy but flat. I can’t tell for sure, there may be a light fog on the Gulf of Mexico beyond Shell Island, as it’s a bit hazy looking south and I can see the Island but not into the Gulf. Have I already missed the flights of pelicans heading east for their day; why do they do that?

It’s my thought that my house buyer was not approved by his lender: yesterday he came to the house and hauled away the large collection of art he had on the front porch, and took away one of the cars he had parked out back, an older BMW 5-series sedan, black that he had painted silver, it looked like new. He’s slipped twice on contract closing dates and his third closing date is this Friday. I’m not agreeing to another extension, if he doesn’t close this week the sales contract is terminated and the house will again be for sale. Anybody need a lovely old 13-room house with 4 1/2 baths and the range of options from seven bedrooms to four private suites each with bath and sitting room? Huge kitchen. An enormous walk-in attic. My house is lonely.

My buyer under contract seemed an unlikely prospect: recently divorced, recent from Virginia and said he taught in schools there, but grew up here, graduated from BayHigh in 1960, 72 years old, unusual person, outgoing and friendly. Someone said a bit eccentric, but I don’t know, because when he missed the first closing date I lost confidence in the sale and stopped visiting with him. He had in mind variously a B&B, a youth hostel, an art museum. He had a nice fence erected on the west side, closed in the back porch with rail and bannister, it looks lovely but I’ll need to paint it. On legal advice I wouldn’t let him move in, store anything inside, or have a key before closing. His apparent no show for a closing does not surprise me; disappointing but no surprise. Besides various things on the back porch, which I don’t mind, he still has a Chevrolet motor home and a yellow 1980 Mercedes 300D in the carport. We’ll see if more vehicles and personal property are taken away today. Stay tuned.

Thus ends the month of June.


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