Saturday, October 31, 2015

And You Don't Have To Talk To It

For sunset, supper, and sunrise this is the place, high up looking and loving St. Andrews Bay from one end, across, and to the other, east to south to west, papermill to Davis Point to Shell Island to the Pass to the highrise condos lining Thomas Drive, this is the place. Sunset 20151030

Sunrise 20151031

Where when weather permits we eat breakfast, lunch, and supper. Supper last night. Steamed shrimp and a cheap french red by candlelight. Behind the candle, my father's barometer. Or maybe it was Pop's.

Scanning the menu of a new Texas cafe at PCB I spotted “country fried steak.” If it's real it will be chicken fried steak. Salivating, going on line to find the best chicken fried steak in Texas, comes up Frank's Grill in Houston. Looks like the breakfast place to sample. After reading all the reviews, here's my favorite:

“If you're el cheapo like me, this is a good place to have a lot of food for close to nothing. They open for breakfast and lunch, closed for dinner. It's a hole in the wall/ blue collar type of place. Love that! Sometimes, actually most of the time, I just don't care to get dressed and dolled up just to go out and eat so that all these judgy people won't look at you funny. As a female, there's this nonsensical pressure to have to conform to the social construct of how a girl should look like (tight top, clothes you have to dry clean, clothes so complex you can't fold it, makeup, blah blah). I love this place because I can be real and lazy (economy of energy). I can come here in my "only for the house" shirt, tattered 18 yr old flannel that I bought when Pearl Jam was all the rage, scrub pants from god knows where, and uncombed hair in a hat. For that, I give this place five stars. Until the yuppies discover and infiltrate this place. Please don't ruin it!

“The food comes in an enormous pile the size of Russia. Imagine having regular food as a 12 font size, but here it's like magnified to 40 font. I've been coming here for 9+ years. The only reason I haven't had a heart attack is of course, moderation. Only once a month will I indulge myself in their cholesterol fortified goodness. I usually get their "so good it slaps you back" chicken fried steak (white or brown gravy), better than sex belgian waffles (it lasts longer and you don't have to talk to it), liver and onions (the only place I will eat them), or their omelet the size of a football. I have leftovers for 3 more meals and fat storage for those days I won't be eating on those long hospital shifts. Entrees come with a side of hash browns or grits (or half and half), eggs, toast, and butter (request on the side or it will be on the food). Save time for a nap afterwards.”

Sounds like an icon place to go for breakfast if you love local, down and trashy. Can't wait.

Meantime, Saturday. Tomato day at St. Andrews Farmers Market.


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