Sunday, October 25, 2015

that can't be right

Has anyone noticed 2015 passing so fast that already Christmas is only two months from today? 69F 87% out there. The urge for max comfort is keeping me inside this morning, coffee and one dark square. Actually this morning it’s a triangle of dark. A splash of chocolate milk in my coffee for a change.

Linda tells me our Christmas tree this year will be out on the porch. She makes those small day to day decisions, as someone said, I make the big decisions. Like who should not be president, that sort of thing. 

My teams had a break this week, we watched the Alabama game to a win. Were watching the FSU game until about halftime, when it was clear the Seminoles were going to win again, and I went to bed -- why should I watch a team whose coach has forgotten how to lose a football game. “The president is sleeping.” “When he wakes up, tell him he’s no longer president.” Woodrow Wilson v. Charles Evans Hughes 1916. 16-22? That can't be right. I keep checking the score again to see if I looked at it wrong the other thousand times.

Weather has been what we looked forward to all that long hot summer: lunch and supper outside on the porch most days. Only thing I miss about summer 2015 is the lightning way off over the Gulf of Mexico, and distant thunder.


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