Saturday, October 24, 2015


Sitting here thinking about Sunday School tomorrow, when I should have been writing my blog post. Actually, the SS possibilities are more interesting than anything the dancing fingers might tap out. In the lectionary, we finish Mark chapter 10 with Jesus and Friends arriving at Jericho and then immediately leaving Jericho. As I’ve said and written ad nauseam, this surfaces Secret Mark, I’m not sure whether even to bring it up again. 

The more interesting possibility, to me, seems to be that we who are following Track One of the lectionary will finish our series of readings from Job. Job is a poem, maybe you’d call it an epic poem that pits Job against life itself. The poem is introduced with a semi-detached prologue that almost fits but serves to set the stage, and is closed out with an — epilogue, I suppose is the term, that wraps it all up with an arguably happy ending. The poem itself is a dramatic presentation of how life is, to use Kushner’s phrase and book title, “When Bad Things Happen To Good People.”  

The prose introduction (chapters one and two) and close (final verses of chapter forty-two) are a cruel visitation of disaster upon an innocent man, supposedly made right by the reward at the end. I don’t know. I once read a line in which Carl Jung said the Cross of Calvary was God’s atonement for His sin against Job.

Come to Sunday School and we can fight about it.


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