Thursday, October 29, 2015


What happened yesterday, Wednesday, what did we do, how was the day filled out? Reminding and remembering this is no journal nor diary. 

Noon to GCSC for a tour of their magnificent new building, delicious lunch with a friend and friend who, years ago (1991) in the parking lot scene, was the double who slammed the Ford sedan repeatedly into the red Volkswagen convertible in Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Trip to the PC Mall, first time in years. Stop at Sam’s on the way home, flu shot, refill toothbrush heads for my Sonicare. I’m always concerned not to buy too many refills, sure as I do the base will die and refuse to charge, it’s about time, this is my third or fourth Sonicare in the past twenty years. In the beginning I had one in the rectory in Apalachicola and one at 2308 WBD. This one five or six years, maybe eight.

Nap. To church. In some future age I might fly to my blue heaven, passing my flashing green channel marker on the way or maybe just stopping there for eternity. But for now it’s “thy kingdom come” Wednesday evening at Holy Nativity, my-lord-what-an-evenin’ when the stars began to shine. Pizza supper with the angels. As there were several boxes left over and hot from Domino’s, we bought one, pepperoni, and dropped it by for Malinda and Kristen.

Home. Watch the GOP debate. In that group, Dr. Carson could be my man, not one of the politicians, all of whom would guarantee another four years of same-ole. A side show contesting for main feature was three moderators trying to out-shout each other. Didn’t see any of the World Series last night. On my computer screen, downloaded and watched Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe until midnight. Bedtime and through the night in prayer for Mary Elizabeth Richardson in Birmingham for heart surgery at Kirklin Clinic, UAB this very moment. 

Knowing as I do about heart surgery, that’s where my heart, thought and prayer is this morning as we head out to Pensacola for a retired clergy lunch with Bishop Russell.


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