Friday, October 23, 2015


Hurricane Patricia, 879 mb, category 5 with 200 mph sustained winds, gusting to 245 mph, 40 foot waves, 30 foot storm surge according to the National Hurricane Center. Strongest storm on record in the northern hemisphere, catastrophic, "the most dangerous storm in history," and is supposed to come ashore today. An eastern Pacific hurricane.
 Not complaining or jealous but wondering why hurricanes have preferred Pacific to Atlantic recently.

Returned from this morning’s walk heavily sweating, shirt sopping wet. We walked fast for two octogenarians. Couple of hills, which we call grinds, in the alley between E 3rd Court and E 3rd Street, which goes between Scotty’s house on Massalina Drive and Bill’s house on Cove Boulevard, where we walked for, what? old time's sake. Shirt dripping with sweat reminded me. This may turn out R rated. Forty years ago I had an Australian client who in his late teens and early twenties had worked for a moving company. It was in New Zealand, he actually was born and grew up in NZ, later moved to Oz. Er heißt Ray. Ray said on that job he'd always worked shirtless, worked up a sloppy, dripping sweat. He said husbands were generally at work during the day when he was moving furniture into people’s new homes, and, as he put it, the wives really came onto a sweaty, smelly young man.

Reminder that my blog is not spiritual or religious, but whatever the fingers tap out as they dance upon the keyboard.

If your fingers cause you to sin, 


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