Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Workday Wednesday

Weather up here can be exhilarating. Last week we were longing for a storm, and this week it roared through as the last gasp of category 5 Hurricane Patricia circling in the Gulf of Mexico 

and now headed north. We had wind, waves and rain last night, and a bit of heavy rain predawn this mooring. all good stuff.

At one point there was thunder from strong lightning in a severe storm off the coast. What a great place, what a great life, what a great world, and it’s only Wednesday.

Totally stirred up muddy, even the Bay is clear and calm at the moment. And 7:28, here comes a heavy rain across the Bay from the Gulf. 

So I reckon we’re not done yet. Two tugs waiting for her, a large ship bearing general cargo arrives from Angamos, enters the Pass; a large workboat just passing my porch for a busy day at sea, 

out of my picture to the east a shrimpboat heads home from overnight on the Bay. The WisdomLine ship Genius Star X rounds the hairpin bend, repeatedly sounds her horn at a small boat in the channel, and Wednesday begins. Enjoy, enjoy.


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