Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Despite appearances, our weather is not cold or even chilly this morning, we have 70F and 97% humidity and precipitation at 86% and wind about 20 miles per hour up here in Seventh Floor subHeaven right now. Because my feet get cold at night, I sleep in socks year round, and right now they’re soaking from walking on the porch. Just as last night, I can hear the surf from the Gulf of Mexico about four miles distant, telling me there may be wave action rolling in. And the Bay at my feet seven floors down is lapping ashore noisier than usual. 

Our topic in this morning’s Bible Seminar is the Divinity of Jesus. Not a review of Bart Ehrman’s current stocking stuffer How Jesus Became God — though I love Professor Ehrman, a master at rearranging words over and over again to get a blockbusting ‘nother best seller with a sensational title and circling round his personal spiritual autobiography — but an open discussion of the church’s christogical evolution — you should pardon the four letter word — from earth to sky and thence sky to earth and earth back to sky. I hope the weather won’t keep many away, but it’s pretty damp out there for anyone in our age group who is minding their health. 


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