Saturday, October 1, 2016

and counting

Three and counting, I have three MacBook computers, being as I only buy ancient refurbished or take Kristen’s old one, they’re cheap. One bought old and’ve had seven years is coming all unglued. This morning though, another already went dead battery and shut down, this one is at 12% and counting, so the fingers are jitterbugging instead of a waltz. WTH, I could go inside and plug it in, but this is the first Saturday morning since last spring it’s been cool, clear and lovely on 7H porch, so I’m intending to stay outside.

Linda and I just walked down to StAndrews farmers market, .87 mile and counting R/T, that’s a neighborhood feature of Saturday morning, bought three tomatoes and an eggplant. Tomato sandwiches we love, and we like eggplant all sorts of ways, including sliced, dipped in whatever that crumbly stuff is, pan-cooked in olive oil. 

Pensacola on Thursday morning we bought a tin of oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup, which provide mid-morning breakfast with fresh blueberries added, and my thick, dark grade C maple syrup dribbled upon. Saturday morning is deluxe in 7H. What’s the name of that shop in Pensacola. Cervantes in East Hill, at about 12th Avenue. Celebrations. 

Sunday School tomorrow, I’ll again fool with the gospel, Luke 17:5-10 experimenting with Walter Wink’s method as a model for my Spring term midweek Bible Seminar; and we’ll see what the Lamentations lessons is all about and how Psalm 137 responds with its angry, ghastly finale.

This morning: watch the BBC version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. If the EfM alum class will suffer me, I’ll show it at our October gathering to complement our book for the month.

DThos+ in +Time+ and counting very slowly

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