Tuesday, October 18, 2016

quick, and make haste

quick to love, and 
haste to be kind

In the dark just off 7H and the moon doesn’t illuminate her. Noisy, she’s pressing forward too fast to be a trawling shrimp boat, but as there’s no moving green light far ahead of her she’s no tug pushing a barge. Quick inside to grab my camera, but rounded the bend to head north with BayPoint and Gulf front high-rises on Thomas Drive in the background, she almost disappears from sight before I get back out here. Best do I like to catch a boat with couple navigation lights, and did, Red but not crisp. 

Blurry, like suddenly my eyes. I keep thinking to have Ray and Diane over for supper and to see our 7H vantage point and so Ray can give me some photography pointers, and then the realization floods and the heart crumbles, and the ache in my throat. I didn't make haste to be kind. I can’t believe he’s gone. From 1998 to 2016 a light in my life and heart. Ray, have you ever thought about a call to ordination? ... 

Some nights I enjoy sitting outside on 7H porch with no thoughts but mulling over life and the seascape. Nine o’clock last night there was no moon, no shrimp boats on the Bay. Must have been cloudy as no stars. Black velvet Bay with downtown Panama City to the east because that’s the way my porch high chair faces. Over to the right is that bright white light at Tyndall, and though I missed it, the tower isn't closed down for the night so if I keep watching, its green light will come round again, then the white one.

No matter, on over to the right (west) of it is my Green buoy. Quick to love, and ...  nevermind

My best use of this chair was on the back porch at 2308, sipping wine as my grandson the chef grilled steaks. SSSSS, flip mine over, son. Ssssssssss, quick, take it off, it’s done.

Life is short and we haven’t much Time …

DThos+ past regulation Time
past +Time and pushing +Time+
!!! !!!!!!

gardenia eyes, where's my alphabet handkerchief

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