Sunday, October 23, 2016

and last evening's sunset

Unlike us Weller family who thrived on fried fish, fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried chicken, and sometimes chicken-fried steak, Linda grew up never eating fried food. Thus, when we buy mullet to bring home and cook, it’s baked, sometimes pan-broiled on the stovetop, usually baked in the oven, with olive oil. It’s equally tasty to fried and maybe more heart-healthy, IDK. Linda’s memory is that they had mullet for dinner whenever Virginia, their family cook, seeing fishermen casting for mullet in the Bay out in front of their house, would go out and wave dollar bills to get them to wade ashore and sell her some. Virginia would then clean the fish and cook them for dinner. 

From our Friday mullet feast, which we had at home instead of going to Crawdad’s in Lynn Haven, we had mullet left. Sunday breakfast just now was leftover baked mullet on whole wheat toast, and black coffee. 

Meantime, there’s no blogpost this morning because I used up all my time going over my sermon/homily notes for today’s event at church. As usual, this afternoon I’ll go over it again, make sure it says what I meant to say or should have said, and does not say what I oughtn't have said, and then post it online as today’s blogpost. Meantime again, come to church: 8:00 o’clock and/or 10:30 this morning. Sunday School 9:15 to 10:15 in the church library. Come one, come all.

On this morning’s blog: yesterday’s ship passing 7H bringing general cargo to Port of Panama City, my son Joe’s retirement plan for using the two cats at their house, and last evening’s sunset.


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