Wednesday, October 5, 2016

in mind

Wednesday morning: what’s in mind? A pleasant dawning, dominated by Orion with his sword pointing down to Sirius, inky black sky speckled with stars. Light wind more than a breeze, cool, 71° 59% up here at 7H. Hurricanes may leave delightful weather at a distance as they draw humidity away, though Matthew may still be too far to affect us like that, IDK.

What else? Francis of Assisi blessing of  animals on William’s Field at Holy Nativity Episcopal School. Year older than my Kristen, William would have been 24 now. Below, gathering

The students may bring several hundred pets. Always an active morning and in my years no tarantula, may have been a few snakes, but no spiders.

What else? In the gospel for Sunday, why does Luke have the ten leprous men call Jesus epistata instead of kyrie? Does Jesus grant healing in order to be thanked or simply as an act of grace? The man (Luke says ἄνδρες they are men) who returns thanks is singly identified as Samaritan: are the others Galileans? 

Rope and alb are hanging behind a closet door here, but a white stole is in the vesting room at church, so leave early.


from Codex Aureus Epternacensis, diocesan museum, Freising via Vanderbilt library

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