Friday, October 7, 2016


Pleasant enough out here, 76F 63% and stars. In the blackness, StAndrewsBay is a pinball machine of flashing, blinking navigation lights and I’m the guy with a nickel to play. 

Warm, starts out hot but a glass of warm lemon water through a short straw to keep it off the teeth. Not sure what, but seems to do something, slows the appetite without marring the wonder of shard and a cuppa.

From the distant side of Florida, scary news on Hurricane Matthew but no affect here that I can tell, not even humidity draw off, though but for the hurricane maybe we’d be at 90 or 80 percent. A little breeze comes by, soft across the Bay from the Gulf. Pics are from Thursday sunset.

What am I doing here is the question, this morning’s question, what am I doing still here. Life among decent people, the usual range of certitudinous kookoos without a trace of human decency who can’t get enough of themselves and in their narcissism think we can’t either, but mostly good and decent people. No mind, five weeks from now it’ll all be over but the fingerpointing and blameshifting.

Except that it’s a construct of the human imagination, Time travel of the future will allow us to wake up a hundred years ago. What do I want? A Model T Ford, a second chance at life, a gallon of oysters and two large mullet.


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