Sunday, October 30, 2016


Michigan, Florida, Auburn, PennState, the good news. Flip side, Ohio State over Northwestern, but only 24 - 20. FSU, not going there. Michigan should be ranked over Alabama but no rush and Number One is a dangerous place to be anyway, as many teams know. Toes and fingers crossed for Thanksgiving weekend, though lots of bridges to cross before we get there, and in CFB any bridge can crumble.

Three o’clock in the morning, 70F 70% cool out here on 7H porch. These days begin with glass of hot cools-to-warm lemon water that chills the appetite, then black and dark. Sheer pleasure of life began with coffee and chocolate, but trying to keep weight down without going off frantic, and lemon water seems helping. 

Altogether too dark out to see, but someone huge sea predator rushing through the shallows just below 7H breakfasting on something, got to be mullet, in close. Got to be a porpoise or shark. Don't go wading.

MLP. Wedding yesterday in my adopted family, and where I claimed a tree should ever again I need a Laughing Place I can go there photographically. I instantly felt kinship with this tree. 

No PCNH yet this morning, which turns on the flashing red light to stop-look-and-listen that something’s up in the news requiring rip out and reprint, but what I see is Italy quake, Comey hates Hillary, neck and neck presidential election. Meantime, modern electronics have rendered email privacy and personal banter privacy history, toast: so long, America as you were. Mornings looking at the stationary satellite above the horizon and over the Gulf offshore, my Paranoid wonders why they're watching me.

Sunday afternoon: finger of Laphroaig, ice cube and a nap.


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