Friday, October 14, 2016

, and the Ugly

This is a fine perch for gazing. Star, cloud, sky, moon, Bay, peering across and over Shell Island at whatever’s going on at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Beachwalkers. Birds. Fish. Sometimes porpoises. Shrimp boats. Boats on the way to Shell Island and back. Now and then a large hungry shark thrashing about in the shallows below. It’s an alone place too; not lonely, but alone: in the soon two years we’ve owned 7H, we’ve not seen people out on their porches a dozen times. So, quiet and peaceful as well. Sunrises. Sunsets. Red buoy lights. And green. Night ops and bingo at Tyndall. Fireworks. 

Maybe we like the water traffic best, largest ships first, then smaller. Sometimes we get to watch them arrive and depart, often they slip by while our backs are turned. And tugs, tugs pushing their barges. One day, sitting on the porch of Grady Market on Water Street we watched a unique tug-barge combination press up the Apalachicola River, then pass 7H a day or so later. Mostly picturesque traffic, some really beautiful ships. Thursday an Ugly craft went by, couldn’t tell its cargo or whether it was self-propelled or a tug on the far side. One that I snapped weeks ago, long flat with cranes and several ratty old tin buildings, looked like something Huck Finn might have paddled out and hitched a ride on. So now and then an Ugly one, I like them best, hoping that when I confront the Judge he doesn’t look too close or deep and if he does, likes me anyway. 

After this morning’s walk, maybe breakfast too, we’re heading for Tallahassee: Caroline’s in her high school marching band and they’ll be on the field at their football game tonight. Being in the Bay High band, Orin Whitley styled us the hundred-piece Million Dollar Band, was my best high school adventure. Band, Math, History in that order. Favorite teachers, Orin Whitley and Bill Weeks in reverse order.

We’re driving to Tallahassee in Linda’s car because the October weather’s reasonably cool for its air conditioner that doesn’t work in hot weather but cools okay when it's mild outside. Linda's car is six years old and she thinks it's wonderful, but it's no One-Hoss Shay:

Hot weather we drive my car, which, eleven years old, so far is perfect, third one I've had exactly like it in the past ten years, all three the same color, but this one's a V8 and my favorite: 

Because the Staybridge was booked up tight, tonight we’ll stay at a Marriot sumpnother then home tomorrow bringing dessert for our church supper club group. Tass says there's a french pastry shop near where they live, we may shop there for the dessert.

We can go days, weeks here without seeing any other residents. It's 7H.


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