Friday, October 28, 2016

life and love

Here she comes, there she goes, a boat meeting and passing, Campeche Bay 279x41 arriving with containers from Progresso, back out later today with containers for Progresso. Life tentative, ambiguous and ambivalent loving every second at 7H. 

No walk in the Cove this morning, Robert is meeting a daughter arriving from Tulsa and a daughter arriving from Berlin, at PC and Tallahassee airports, thence to see Cindy at home in Crawfordville. My heart and soul rips and tears for Robert and those he loves, Cindy released from Shands to home under hospice care, her daddy’s heart breaking. Life tentative.

Italian Feast last evening at StThomas with beloved former parishioners. At one and eighty it is possible joyfully to eat too much, and just so, zwei glasses of red and slept until seven o’clock on the dot. Thus, late with blogpost.

My joy yesterday, Ray brought L over. 

A man can only handle loving so much, daughters, daughter-granddaughter, granddaughters, great-granddaughter life fills to busting with love, and overflows.

Last night on the shoreline below 7H: electric torches and two persons each with a net.


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