Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Orange Overload

Decent sunset Tuesday evening, an orange overload, so much so that I couldn't choose 

including a few pelicans heading to their night roost, presumably bird island at the Port

though for the most part the large birds seem to have left for wherever they go for winter.

Little toot tug sauntering by 7H, stuff of Tom and Huck, passing Davis Point, unhurried. No sea-goer, he was what I would've called a yard tug in a time of life when I knew A from B.

Cold weather will arrive soon as hurricane season expires, but from now to then coffee on 7H porch early as now, and glass of wine at sunset, make the place idyllic. 

Wish we’d known about condo life ages ago.  

At last night’s calc we lived in large century old houses thirty years of life, 1984 to 2014, over half our marriage 1957 to 2016.

Let the fingers keep dancing so as to use up enough space to accommodate eight photos from last night's sunset frenzy, but my iPhone camera never quite picks up the orange pink ripples in the clouds.

Downtown Panama City this morning ->


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