Monday, October 10, 2016

Mon Sun

Weather line on Channel 13 says 56F, iPhone weather link reads 63° and cool enough that’ve donned my heavy winter bathrobe that hangs in waiting behind the door.

Just clearing Davis Point, Bernora 422 x 67 arriving Sunday afternoon to unload molasses. BBC Balboa 421 x 54 with general cargo as I watch.

Debates last evening leave me feeling like Sleeping Ugly kissed awake from decades of slumber, onto a grade school playground of Bully and Claws in a cloud of dust. Sticks and Stones. Wouldn’t’ve missed it for the world, but hope the rest of the world was watching reruns of Are You Being Served. Sorry, my generation remembers Adlai and Ike, Jack and Dick, Tom and Harry, even Barry and Lyndon. What happened, America, your slip is showing. Are you zipped? Wipe the foam off your mouth.

Jiminy Christmas, to put it reverently. Who’s proud should be ashamed of self. Constitutional amendment, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 to read “mental and emotional age …” . 

Monday: walk this morning, return home for oysters baked on toast, maybe office for an hour. 

Trim those split ends, LittleMan.

Leben zul Columbus


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