Sunday, June 11, 2017


Continuing to read Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation on Franciscan spirituality and to realize that I need to learn to know joy in life as it comes to me regardless. It’s not that I’m yet ready to know, but that I need to learn. Which brings to mind once again my favorite Narnia movie, The Silver Chair - not my favorite book, which is The Last Battle - with my favorite character, Puddleglum, a real Narnian marsh-wiggle.

Jill and Eustace have their step by step assignment from Aslan, and have been flown at night by the owls to the place where their adventure continues. Depressingly welcomed in the dark by Puddleglum, who comes out swinging a lantern and crying, "Owls, ahoy," they spend the night in his wigwam at the edge of a marsh. Next morning they wake to see Puddleglum fishing for eels. While the eels cook, and before a meal of eel stew, which Puddleglum, by nature pessimist, suggests may be poison for humans, they won’t like, in the movie but not the book he says they'll get collywobbles, but which later they each have two bowls it's that delicious, they plan for setting out.

Eustace asks how they should start. Jill says they’ve got to start by finding the ruined city of the giants.

"Got to start by finding it, have we?" answered Puddleglum. "Not allowed to start by looking for it, I suppose?"

Just so, I’ve got to start not by knowing, but by learning. Difficult indeed, old dog new tricks and all.

Having some nonsense cobbled together for a homily on today’s focus, which, this being Trinity Sunday, is the Trinity, later, perhaps early afternoon before nap, if my remarks seem nihil obstat for heresy, which is difficult with this topic, I may post it here on +Time, nothing’s for sure. 


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