Friday, June 23, 2017


Dark early, two tugs standing by signify imminent arrival, so I sit down on 7H porch with cuppa black to watch and wait. Yep, two tall lights moving slowly over the trees at Courtney Point, one at her bow, one at her stern, ship in the Pass, always watching excitement for the ancient commander. Clearing the Pass, red port running light.

There she is at the hairpin turn now, green starboard running light showing along with lights from downtown Panama City, a bright light I think is Tyndall, and two green navigation lights including boatman Xapov coming for me. Not yet please, not this morning, just woken up, I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

At first, watching in the dark, I’d thought she was a large ship, but now she's gliding by 7H, seems to be Campeche Bay arriving with containers from Progreso to exchange for containers for Progreso. One wonders what’s in all those containers, doesn’t one.

Errata. But no, Campeche Bay is arriving now, Saturday morning, seven-thirty, as I watch. A beautiful little ship**. The ship that arrived predawn as I watched was indeed Lauritzen Line's GEKI STAR 555x89, to load wood pellets for Immingham.  

Whatever, it’s international trade. Some people are for America First, I’m for World First because interdependence makes war less likely and because, all in this together, we need to look after each other. 



Frost "stopping by woods on a snowy evening"

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