Monday, June 12, 2017

Hi, Robert!

Monday morning walk longer than usual. Three or four years ago when we started this, long walks were common as we covered The Cove identifying the houses where our Cove School classmates lived in the 1940s when we were boys. From 6th Street to Bunkers Cove Road, and from Massalina Bayou at 4th Street Bridge to Watson Bayou and Victory Circle, we could pretty well pick them all out. 

There was a time when BCR stopped where it meets Bonita Avenue, and beyond that it was solid, thick woods, Indian mounds, 

and from way back I remember tarpaper shack squatters where it wasn’t safe to venture close. And if there was a hint of boozy smell in the atmosphere, keep well clear of bootleggers.

Busy day yesterday, Trinity Sunday. Vicious thunderstorm during the early service, but cleared raining before the main service was over. We had Sunday School in Battin Hall, the “fellowship hall,” which was good for a change, prayerbooks Tom brought in from the “sanctuary,” but to meet there often I’d need to move a stack of Bibles. Arrived home basically unconscious for the high priestly Sunday afternoon nap. Tried to ease everyone’s mind about the Trinity being not only mentally but theologically and doctrinally incomprehensible so don’t give it a second thought as we stand for the Nicene Creed.

Three tugboats steamed by us during our walk along East Beach Drive this morning, headed for East Terminal, or maybe for South Eastern Shipbuilding to move one of the offshore support vessels.

StAndrewsBay at the moment, yellow boats zipping back and forth. Stormy late morning to around noon during my nap. A gray day, 77° 79%. USAF fighter jets together. 

Robert remembers balancing on this rail and rushing along from the courthouse side of 4th Street Bridge, walking on the rail, to the Massalina Drive side. 


pics: ship leaving Sunday, all others taken on walk Monday morning

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