Thursday, June 8, 2017

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After yesterday, with a gray start, the day seems to have cleared to reasonably fair. Low clouds stretched out far and wide over the Gulf of Mexico and beyond the horizon. Looking from 7H, small boats fishing in the channel just inside the Pass.

Looking at music, hymns for Trinity Sunday, earlier this morning, I came across 363, “Ancient of Days,” popular, majestic and one of our best loved hymns all my growing up years, a great old singable tune. Royally alphabeted up and rendered unsingable in The Hymnal 1982 by Alec Wyton, the man in control, who saw to his own immortality by putting his name on 8, 230, 363, 369, 491 and 528. For all others’ sycophantic fawning, Wyton (1921-2007) will be remembered in my heart for having destroyed one of my favorite hymns. And absent any other evident credit, for seeing to the removal of the proper tune to “Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult.” He had a notable career as church organist and choirmaster, I doubt he ever had them sing “Onward, Christian soldiers,” or 479, “Glory be to Jesus,” both of which during my days at Virginia Seminary, we were told, the riffraff commoners of the church pressed and insisted be retained in The Hymnal 1982 and were restored before printing. IDK.

What’s up with the irritableness this morning? IDK and IDC. 

What to say about the Trinity? Well, there are three of them. An ordained RC deacon once told me the Holy Spirit was Mary’s husband, that Joseph was not her husband because that would have been adultery. I asked him, “Does your bishop know you are teaching that?” and he answered, “yes.” Every few generations word circulates that the RC church is contemplating adding the BVM to the godhead. moxnixmir, but pray we’ll have enough notice to buy up shares of stock in church supply houses before the triangles all have to be changed to squares.


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