Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Son of Laughter

GE finishing up five year plan for chairman and ceo to retire and be replaced, ceo as of 1 August, chairman as of 1 January. My latest memory is that for some years, son Joe was a design engineer for GE jet engines in Cincinnati, where he met Patty. Earlier memory is our first refrigerator, a GE monitor top. It’d been in my grandmother’s kitchen at 1317 E. Strong Street, Pensacola until sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s. We’d had an ice box until she got a new refrigerator and my grandfather had their old one shipped to us. I remember missing the ice box but being fascinated with its replacement, both that we now had something that kept things colder and would freeze water into ice cubes; and that it somehow brought the presence of my beloved grandparents’ into our home. 

To my recollection, our next refrigerator was a Gibson

Considering firing the newly appointed Special Council regardless of RMilhousN’s fate? Why not: Herr Drumpf is a wily survivor who lives to provoke outrage, backstrokes through chaos into the other side and drifts on to the next rapids. His favorite dreams are surely the nightmares, from each of which he emerges victoriously unscathed. This will fly? Yes, it will.

Appears that our lectionary this Sunday will be Proper 6A, wherein we have a choice of Track 1 with its progression of Bible stories beginning at Genesis 18, or Track 2 with some obscure relationship between Old Testament & Psalm and Gospel readings. I prefer Track 1 where we get to hear an old time Sunday School Bible story at the oaks of Mamre, Sarah eavesdropping from inside the tent and cackling at yet one more promise from Abraham’s old drinking buddy, of a child. My God, count them, she’s ninety years old for chrissakes, when the Holy Trinity appears for hospitality of shade, bread and the fatted calf; and perhaps to spend the night, an early case of conceived by the Holy Spirit? 

Listening to stories around the campfire, the ancient Hebrews could chortle over just such speculation. And what the alphabet, it isn’t as if Abraham in the ultimate act of hospitality wouldn’t make her available to The King, tongue-in-cheek claiming she was his sister. 


בֵּ֖ן  צְחֹ֕ק

Isaac: son of laughter

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