Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Sudoku, I used to love working sudoku, a game of logic and elimination. Still save a few to work over at leisure, but nowadays it takes focus, patience, and especially Time of my +Time+ that is no longer as indefinite as when I was seventeen, where I want to go again for a second chance and I promise to do better.

What do I believe, and why, despite all logic and science to the contrary? Freewill, an open mind, and it's my choice. What do I expect or hope to get out of it? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever except a way of life. And there was that February 1984 night of my grandfather's 112th birthday, I AM speaking to you, Tom Weller. After a third of a century of wonder, it's still my choice. 

Breakfast: several oysters on dried out very thin 40 calorie ww toast from, okay it was Monday. These were west coast oysters that I buy at WalMart now and then: watch the date on top for freshness, and avoid containers swelled at top and bottom, I don’t know why the hell management leaves them out after the cans begin to swell, but they do, don’t buy those. Also, even these Pacific oysters get summer fat, which is unappealing, and I have to broil them. 

Yesterday we took an elderly even for us friend out to lunch and to meet her son, whom she gave up for adoption at birth seventy years ago and whom she herself just yesterday met for the first time. After a couple hours with him, she phoned Linda and whispered, "You're going to love him!" and we did. He’s in the theater in the northeast. Son and mother look remarkably alike from forehead to mouth, have similar tastes about various things, and even alike voice inflections. For local flavor we took them to Uncle Ernie’s here in StAndrews and all but Linda had fried oysters. Delicious. Sad to say, fool me once and I never forget, I still have a trust issue from years ago reading UncleE citation in the PCNewsHerald for serving Vietnamese farm-raised catfish as grouper; but returned after several years and have had excellent seafood there. My choice, only shellfish: I had the Gulf Trio (not luncheon special) with oysters, shrimp and scallops, quite good, so enormous a go-box. I’ll order that again next time.

Sitting here inside because of humidity without breath of air on 7H porch. When I sat down, a tug was standing by just offshore, obviously waiting for a ship to arrive, and I meant to keep an eye out, but it’s gone now and no wake or other tracks, so I missed seeing whatever ship, probably BBC Nevada 453x69 to offload general cargo, and yep, there she is on vesselfinder what a wonder is the internet.

Oops, carvedilol morning strike: 70/47, naptime to let it pass, which it always does quickly. Then what: a hundred pages of Soldier to the finish line.


pic: BBC Nevada from BBC website

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