Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On the Beach

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This picture of cars on the beach, not PCB for two reasons, one is that PCB was bare, no buildings at the time, another is that the cars are on a hard beach of beige sand, not on our sugar white sand, maybe it's Daytona, IDK; because of the newest cars shown, the picture is no later than maybe summer 1939 in my opinion, was posted on FB by a dear friend who knows me as something besides holy man or naval officer, with a challenge. I'll see what I can do. 

As my blogposts are never put up as forums for conversation, discussion or argument, I often "react" in FB terms with like or love, but never or seldom respond; but, no mind, anyone who wishes is welcome to challenge my identifications. I'd like to know how to label the cars with numbers so I could then be clear in my list below, but I don't know how to do that.

So here's my go at it anyway.

Front row left to right. 1939 Plymouth four door convertible probably advertised as a phaeton; 1939 Chrysler sedan, I don't do motorcycles, red 1939 Buick with side mount spare.

Going back to the left, 1937 Ford convertible, and behind it a 1938 Dodge sedan. Behind the 1939 Plymouth convertible I'm not positive but the blue or black car with the redheaded boy in red shirt sitting on the front fender looks like a 1937 Cadillac to me (I'M CORRECTING THIS TO 1937 LaSalle), and behind that a 1937 I'm saying Oldsmobile. Behind the Olds with a red license plate and driver's head and arm hanging out the window of a 1937 Plymouth. Directly behind that 1937 Plymouth are three cars that I can't see enough to ID and then behind them the last car in that line slightly offset to our left is a 1939 Dodge; if you can't spot the 1939 Dodge, to its right our left off to the side is a red or orange car heading in the other direction all we can see is its rear end. 

See, absent numbers for absolute clarity, I'm trying to go right and back by sort of column even though the cars are not lined up evenly.

Behind the 1939 Chrysler could be a Model A Ford roadster with the boy wrapped in a purple robe, but I'm not sure. Behind that is a tan car that I wasn't sure but looks like a Chrysler product to me and I'm calling it a 1939 DeSoto but if someone can prove it's a 1939 Nash I'll be okay with that. Behind that with girl and boy standing on the roof I think is a 1936 Ford but I'm okay if you call it a 1935 Ford or even a different make I'll stand corrected. Behind that car is another 1939 Plymouth. The light green car behind 1939 Plymouth looks like a 1935 Chevy Master to me from here but I'm not sure. Behind that light green car is a GM car that is pretty fuzzy to me but I'll call as a 1936 Chevrolet.

Coming back to the front, behind the guy on the motorcycle is a 1936 Dodge. Behind the 1936 Dodge and to our left is a tan Ford that I'll call as a 1935 but could be 1936. To our right and behind 1936 Dodge the red car is a 1937 Oldsmobile convertible. Behind the tan Ford and the red Olds is a 1937 Buick with dual side mounts love it.

To our left behind the 1937 Buick looks like a 1938 Chevrolet. Directly behind the 1937 Buick is a black car that's trying to go crosswise to our right looks like a 1939 Ford Tudor sedan to me but I can't make out the front headlight silhouette enough to be sure; it could be an earlier year 1937 or 1938 and if it's a 1939 it also could be a 1940 as the 1939 DeLuxe and 1949 Ford are close and I can't see the front grill.

Behind the red 1937 Olds convertible and to our right is a green car that's hard for me to call somebody will know I think its a middle size GM car could be another 1937 Buick? and behind it in the top right of the picture is a black 1936 Plymouth.

Let's see, coming back to the left again, behind the blue 1938 Dodge is a car I can't ID with a boy hanging out the back window on each side; and behind that is a Chevrolet with dual side mounts: it's either a 1935 Chevrolet Standard or a 1934 Chevrolet Master. Directly behind that Chevrolet and slightly to our left is what was to me one of the homeliest cars of all time a 1938 Oldsmobile.

OK, just a couple of IDs in the background cars to our left and pointed toward our right. Anyone can jump in ahead of me, but I'm going to skip a couple of cars that I could look up and ID. I see another 1937 Buick. Behind the 1937 Buick I see a four door sedan that the front is hidden but has one of the early built in trunks and behind that the spare tire and I may go back and research to ID that IDK. There's a red or orange two door "touring sedan" because it has a built in trunk and the high rear lights that I'll call as another 1937 Oldsmobile. 

Finally, way in the background headed toward us are some great old 1930s cars too far back for me, although I do think I see a Packard back there, check for yourself.

What are my disappointments in the picture? I didn't spot any Pontiac cars that should have been clear with the Silver Streak. No Hudson cars that I could ID. No cars to positively ID as Nash but have a go yourself. The cars I ID'd as 1937 Buick could be 1938 Buick as the only difference was the front grill bars in the 1937 Buick were very thin and delicate while they were thick and bold instead of delicate in the 1938 Buick.

On almost any and all I can stand corrected except the 1939 Chrysler products, the red 1939 Buick, and that ugly 1938 Olds.

DThos+ loving +Time+ 

Thanks, Vicky!!

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