Wednesday, June 21, 2017


White out there, white rain, not driving rain but solid, steady, heavy rain as far as the eye reaches, which gives zero visibility, just white. I suppose this tropical storm dumped rain all night, though we’ve had neither wind up here, hardly even a breeze except for the breath of cool air preceding a curtain of rain, nor thunder and lightning. Tornado warnings with it though, and we’re under a tornado watch right now, common for tropical cyclone weather. 

Last evening the tornado warnings were for small, rapidly rotating areas in the northern corner of Bay County. Our WMBB Channel 13 meteorologist showed us where a rash of them were moving in a storm band of clouds circling in the greater storm, and gave us a lesson in how to spot them. An interesting chat and he was quite talkative about it. Indecisive, I need to go ahead and choose whether in my next life I want to be a meteorologist, a tug boat captain, an astronomer, or a naval aviator. Or maybe there’ll be time for more than one, if I’m careful with my carrier landings.

After six o’clock now, and we do have a burst of steady wind, 17 mph. It’s a large storm: the center is south of Louisiana off Texas and here we are getting a sound drenching on the east side of it. Sustained winds 60 mph, National Hurricane Center has it moving ashore about the TX/LA line.

This is TS Cindy. A tropical storm can be nice for the rainfall without hurricane violence. 

Now a tornado warning for Destin.

Clear from 7H last evening.

DThos+ in +Time+

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