Friday, June 9, 2017

for shame

A shameful viewpoint

Besides all other dreadful news domestic and foreign this morning, two naturalized American citizens arrested as “sleeper” terrorist agents. Speaking of my own family coming from Germany going on three hundred years ago, there was a time when foreigners sought to emigrate to America for a new life in the land of freedom and opportunity that was coveted around the world. Now there’s a fraction who come because they hate us, meaning to harm us, indiscriminately the most innocent of us. Federal forces seem competent to root them out, at least to the extent we hear about, arrest and turn them over to the justice system. I don’t know what legal obstacles are in place to protect the civil rights of these people, or how cumbersome those laws and regulations may make the resolution of the cases; but Theresa May has the right direction when she hints of curtailing civil rights. People who are known to the authorities as present or developing dangers to our society but who cannot be dealt with until they kill and maim some of us should be, there should be an immediate process for detainment, a summary hearing, loss of citizenship, curtailment of constitutional rights, and internment, such as perhaps a new use for Guantanamo, and courses for resolution and settlement. All this would be shameful, outrageous and unAmerican, but society shouldn’t have to wait until an atrocity is committed if if can be stopped in advance even if, to be sarcastic, the billable hours of specialized attorneys are adversely affected. If such measures need and prove to have been draconian, and/or to have been abused, history can be the judge.

And I can judge myself.

Other than that, plenty of thoughts and opinions, but no political remarks today.


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