Thursday, June 15, 2017


Rain, lightning and thunder to open Thursday, magnificent from 7H, we love a storm. Passing though, already the black cloud is fading eastward, its trailing clouds are pink in the rising sun, and blue sky in the west. 

Yesterday afternoon I watched as a tug pushed Star Ismene LOA 650' out from East Terminal into the channel off Davis Point.

Judging by binoculars, inching along and then stopping, she appeared to have gone aground over there. But the tug left and the ship swung round crosswise in the channel, then a few minutes later headed on out under her own power. The sign down her side now reads SINOTRANS&CSC, a huge transport company of China, but googling the ship showed she was Norwegian. 

Apparently ownership changed and she's now under either SINO or a new conglomerate that has taken over what was the Star line, IDK. She was loaded with woodpulp and headed to sea.

My first cousin Margaret is here from Texas, visiting my sister Gina, who’s at Health South recuperating from a fall injury. I’m taking Margaret out for a seafood lunch early afternoon, then we're coming back here for Linda to show her 7H that has replaced our house. 

The chocolate this morning is Lindt dark with fleur de sel, which it translates sea salt crystals and means me to think it’s Swiss chocolate, though smaller print says manufactured in New Hampshire. Cacao content isn’t specified, thinking of other darks, guess about 70%.

It’s too Thursday to be religious, so I’m thinking what I’d be doing if I were forty-two: Navy retired, working in WashDC, preparing to fly to Australia to conduct a five-week series of seminars for their Department of Defence. My first trip DownUnder, and I did seminars in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Fell in love with Sydney, which at the time, nearly forty years ago, made me visualize what San Francisco must have been like seventy-five years before that. I went several times in the following years, and imagined, visualized emigrating to stay. My main memory of that first of several years being away from home 75% of the time, phoning Harrisburg just before getting on my Qantas flight, and Tass asking me anxiously, "Daddy! When are you coming home?" 

Shootings at baseball practice in WashDC: I'd thought all the lunatic fringe wingnuts were on the right: not so, that one was a lefty.

Thursday, a two tug morning.



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