Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 29, 1957

Just past four-fifteen, from our third floor porch it’s pitch black dark looking out on Scipio Creek. Occasional lightning flash in tall clouds to the east of me and every now and then distant thunder. Heading south, one boat has sped by as I watched, going fishing maybe, for livelihood or fun. 

Otherwise, it’s quiet. Now and then maybe some traffic sounds way south, but we can’t see Gorrie Bridge from this room, neither the bridge nor the causeway between Apalachicola and EastPoint. From our bedroom in Trinity Church rectory those years, traffic, truck gears shifting going up or coming down the bridge, was the main thing we heard. Although emergency vehicles speeding by on Avenue E, sirens screaming, did come down the middle of our bed, we were that close upon Highway 98.

So far in life, I’ve managed to abide by a life’s rule I set for myself in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the spring of 1984 upon accepting the call to Trinity, Apalachicola: never again, never ever again to live north of USHighway 98 or out of sight and smell of salt sea.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you: this is a private retreat, a getaway, as today is our sixtieth wedding anniversary. June 29, 1957: what has happened since then? Several, more than a few, entire lifetimes have been lived.  


Top: Anniston Star, Anniston, Alabama, January 27, 1957, Miss Linda Peters to wed Thomas Weller in Florida

Bottom: Linda Noble Peters and Thomas Carroll Weller, Jr., Holy Nativity Episcopal Church, Panama City, FL June 29, 1957

okay, I was wrong: we can see the causeway from here:

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