Wednesday, May 4, 2016

3 Rs

A shocker, Tex quitting the race last night after showing his unprofessional inability to laugh off the words of a political opponent quoting The National Inquirer: Tex coming all unglued when TheD mentioned OldRevCz in a sixty-three year old pic with Lee Harvey Oswald, Tex raging, raving and ranting all day instead of focusing. Imagine what would have happened had Tex become president and Putin called him a “crybaby,” we’d have had nuclear war. Or Tex would have had a nervous breakdown and we'd have had a female GOP president instead of the Hilz. 

Something about if you can’t take the heat, Tex, stay out of the kitchen. 

Had Tex not quit last night, TheD’s next nasty shot would have been to criticize his daughters’ report cards.

If TheD’s primary source of reliable news is The National Inquirer, mine is Wikipedia, where coverage of both Tex and Heidi is quite impressive.

So the Blue team is still struggling, we’re down to two Reds, can GovOhio build a case for an RNC floor fight. 

As I write, Nina and Pinta sail through the Pass into StAndrewsBay enroute to the downtown marina. Too far away for iPhone photo. Leben zul Columbus


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