Friday, May 6, 2016

coming ready or not

57F 48% wind from the north, dry and cool for a spring day in May, after all, summer will check in next month. I'm ready, but it might be nice to have a cooler summer, relatively speaking, for a change.

Southern sky is pink and growing pinker far beyond, over the Gulf. I love living here, the ultimate keeping of my promise to self in 1984 as we moved from Pennsylvania, that I would never again live away from salt water or north of US98. The Susquehanna River is beautiful where it flows through Harrisburg, and fond memories of there, but it isn’t StAndrewsBay looking across Shell Island into the Gulf of Mexico.   

One of the larger ships that comes to our port. Secretly, I would prefer warships to freighters, but it’s just me. That shot is a few days old, may be Seaboard America 525’ loa. Rainbow is supposed to arrive in about ten days, 623’ loa substantially bigger ship.

Time to get ready to walk. Friday: walk then breakfast then the first moments of the rest of my life. What?

Either open the Old Pass or correct the name to Shell Peninsula.


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