Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What? Will no one ...

Morning photo that excites nobody but me, including a seagull flew by just as I snapped it, missed the bird and hand movement gave a bit of fuzzy. So’s the mind this late-rising Tuesday with our next-to-final Bible Seminar. This term we finished Luke and Revelation, today in fuzzy mind, two obscure books, we’ll see how’t goes, eh?

Waker-upper this morning was a somewhat scientific article that makes me think I should have been daily eating yogurt these years, to have been a nice person instead of this grouchy old crab sticking my head up out of a garbage can now and then.

NFL withdraws their $16 million contribution to NIH lest a physician on a study conclude there’s a link between football and brain injury; nothing like integrity. SCOTUS getting along better with eight justices than nine. One minute vigorous workout in the gym downstairs equals my Mon/Fri walk? Hmmm. Major presidential candidate knows the American mentality is keener on somebody else’s scandal than on his own unquals to press the red button: if, a la Henry II, I say what should happen to this man who offers nothing but greed, selfishness and hatred to a hurting world, Secret Service will kick my door down within forty five seconds, so keeping mouth shut. Coffee, chocolate, yogurt; hamburger for breakfast. 

Tuesday: a beautiful day.


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