Monday, May 23, 2016

not byob

Nine o’clock last evening, rounds the hairpin turn a small ship enroute to Port Panama City under the light of a full moon ascending over downtown, my green channel marker light over to the far right. 

Couple minutes later she passed our porch with confident speed, no tug waiting.

Monday: park behind the Beloved School and walk in the Cove, seems a perfect morning for it, back home for shower and breakfast before staff meeting. Yesterday was a near-perfect Trinity Sunday, I think there were active acolytes behind me in church at the ten-thirty service, but never bothersome unless one is swinging a cincture rope behind me during the Eucharistic Prayer. “Perfect” was only “near” though because leaving a home Communion site later, I spotted my keys on the seat inside my locked car and so walked home to get the extra keys; lesson learned that I’ll have to sort out as the dark chocolate and black coffee take effect.

Thoughts running through the mind this morning, not going there with most of them, not blogging any of them, MYOB.


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